Reid McIntyre – South Stormont

If elected, would you make climate action a priority, and if so, how would you ensure that state-of-the art-energy reduction methods are included in the assessment of all municipal activities, spending and investments – both capital and on-going management?
  • I believe that the protection of the environment is essential. I would be a leader to put into action any plan that would improve the essence of the environment. The main point is that I do have a plan that I would hope to implement as soon as possible after being elected. I am recently retired from a large construction company where the environment was in the forefront as a goal. We as a company and myself as a manager within the company initiated a program to reduce the idle time of all equipment and vehicles. This project was so successful that we won a GREEN award from the Ontario Road Builders Association. We were able to not only cut the amount of fossil fuel used but more importantly we were able to reduce our carbon footprint. I was also involved with the first warm mix asphalt project that was done in the City of Ottawa. We produced asphalt using approximately 40% less fuel than a conventional type of asphalt. I would advocate that our Township put this specification for WMA in all the asphalt contracts within the township. I have more proven plans to bring before council if elected. Therefor-in response to your question, I would make climate action a priority and would insure that we do everything reasonably possible to ensure the same.
Do you think your main street/downtown is successful – why or why not?  If elected, what specific actions, changes and improvements would you make to ensure a healthy and successful downtown/main street?
  • I would ensure that every small business was aware of the CIP program that is available through the Township as well as the United Counties S D & G. We don’t have a per say a downtown area but this CIP program is also for some of this funding to go to smaller communities like Newington, Lunenburg, Osnabruck Center, St Andrew’s etc. to enhance the main streets through these communities.
If elected, how would you go about ensuring the replacement of tree cover lost in your municipality as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer?
  • One of the first things that could be done would be to meet with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Kemptville and see what the Ontario Government has in place to recoup the loss of these magnificent trees. We would also need to see if they have a plan to help with the replacement of our elm tree population. I have met with the people at the Ferguson Forest Center in Kemptville for a replanting program where I was employed and have reliable contacts at that facility. Once again I have a plan to proceed.
If elected, what waste management initiatives would you support toward increasing waste diversion and what targets would you like to set for your municipality?
  • Part of my responsibilities when I worked was managing the contract for recycle pick up in the Township of North Grenville. While in that capacity I found that the more that people are educated on how to properly treat recycled materials and are able to identify what is recyclable the better the program was. We also found that the our recycle employees were the front line to the residents and should continue to be educated on skills that will enable them to communicate and educate the public in an efficient manner. It can be a long process to teach people the importance of good recycling practices but can be well rewarding in the end.

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