Raising Kids for a Resilient Future

Raising Kids for a Resilient Future

A worthwhile read for parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, or educators and mentors of young people.

by Amanda Witman, peakprosperity.com

familyresilienceHow do we prepare our children for a future that is unlike any we ourselves have ever known? How do we create a world worth inheriting when we are so acutely aware that the abundance our generation has taken for granted will no longer be a given in our children’s future? These questions can frustrate and even paralyze us as parents, grandparents, teachers, and mentors. Where do we start?

Some homes are resilience-minded; some are not. What does this mean, for those families and the community as a whole? We cannot presume to change the choices other families make, but we can take charge of what our own families do.

Above all, we need to remember that today’s young people are tomorrow’s adults. We must do our best to offer our own healthy example, foster a supportive, connected relationship with them, encourage them to develop useful skills, and help to ensure that they reach adulthood with a rock-solid sense of confidence and trust in themselves. Sound like a tall order? It is. We can only do our best. But it is imperative that we do our best, because their future – and ours – depends on our collective resilience. We can do this.

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