How to Reinvent the Potluck

How to Reinvent the Potluck

potluckThere is a powerful social aspect to sharing. It may seem obvious, but it takes two people to share. And sharing works even better with three, five, ten or even 50 people all sharing in group format. Sharing is social. And therefore maintaining healthy social relationships among sharers is a must. Hosting a potluck is a great way to start a neighborhood sharing group.

Why a potluck? The potluck is an iconic community gathering experience that symbolically reinforces the idea of sharing, as each guest brings food to share with the group. And anyway, potlucks are fun!

Here are some ideas on how to “reinvent” the simple potluck format so you can use it as a launch pad for neighborhood sharing:

FYI, these tips work great for neighbors in suburban areas or urban city blocks, but you can also adapt them for use in apartment buildings and condos, or dorms.

Read How to Reinvent the Potluck by Stephanie Smith at Shareable.

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