Climate change impacts on birds we love

What will climate change mean for the more than 45 million American birdwatchers? Much more importantly, what will it mean for the birds we most love and enjoy?

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With birds finely tuned to their living conditions – landscape, vegetation, weather, food, water – we know that a warming globe will add to the problems they already face.

The Audubon Society’s “Birds and Climate Report” website offers a useful overview. At the site’s core: its maps of changing climate ranges for 588 North American species, over half of them heading for trouble.

Read Climate change impacts on birds we love at Yale Climate Connections.


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Waterfront Plan Open House

Wednesday, June 20, 2:00-8:00 Ramada Inn, 805 Brookdale Ave.

The City of Cornwall is updating the 2007 Waterfront Plan. The updated Plan will build upon the 2007 document, align with relevant policy, and confirm a vision for the future of the City’s waterfront. It will also provide a new and progressive framework for addressing the important economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits of the waterfront to the community and visitors.

Please join us, all welcome!

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10-Minute Neighborhoods: The Low-Tech Solution to Almost* Everything

Health. Energy. Climate. Crime. Education. Happiness. Water. Housing. What if it were possible to make headway on all these issues with simple changes to our neighborhoods?

What if we could cut our medical costs in half? What if we could give the average American an added five years of healthy life? What if we could cut our energy use, our water use, and our greenhouse gas emissions by more than half while improving our happiness and prosperity? What if we could provide affordable housing for millennials staggering under student loan debt? What if we could help elders age gracefully in a connected community, with their mobility and cognition intact? What if we could create communities where children can experience both safety and independence? What if we could cut in half the cost of essential services provided by cities and towns?

Read10-Minute Neighborhoods: The Low-Tech Solution to Almost* Everything by Karen Allen at Musings.

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Bike Love 101 Workshop Atelier Bike Love 101

Monday, June 11, 7:00 – 8:30 Seaway Valley Community Health Centre, 353 Pitt Street

In celebration of Walk and Roll Month, join Joe McNamara, owner of Bike Centric, for a fun and interactive workshop focused on caring for your bike and making your next ride a fun experience.

As an avid road cyclist and a year-round bike commuter, Joe will walk you through basic bike maintenance and riding skills. Come prepared with your questions and leave feeling more confident and ready to get rolling!

Registration is FREE but space is limited so register online here:

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Avoiding Plastic When Grocery Shopping

Ten years ago, in our local grocery store in Wakefield, Quebec, you would rarely see someone bring their own reusable bags. Now you rarely see someone NOT bringing reusable bags. It took some time, but the new habit has started to take hold and what was once perceived as normal behavior has completely reversed. The same applies to many other little habits you might want to start integrating into your daily routine. It’s the example that you set for others that creates change in your community and beyond.

Read Avoiding Plastic When Grocery Shopping by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha at Mother Earth News.

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Provincial Party Responses 2018

Make your vote count: find out where the parties stand. The next Government of Ontario will inherit a province facing many significant environmental challenges, from climate change and ongoing loss of biodiversity to a steady build up of toxics and pollutants in our air, water and land.  Strong actions will be required to address these problems and to position Ontario to benefit in a world rapidly moving toward a low-carbon future and embracing the need for more sustainable economic and social systems. We asked all parties to describe their vision for making Ontario an environmental leader and how they will enhance the quality of life of all of its residents.

We have invited all four parties to submit any additional policies or information as the election progresses, and we will note when new information has been added.

Read Party Responses 2018 at Green Prosperity.

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TimeraiserX Cornwall

Thursday, June 7 at 7:00 Cailuan Gallery, 225 Pitt St., downtown Cornwall Attendees at TimeraiserX buy the art by bidding their volunteer hours to a local non-profit agency of their choice.The goal of the event is to raise volunteer hours for local non-profit organizations and to give people the chance to buy high quality art with time, and not their money. Money from sponsors and ticket sales to the event are used to buy art from local artists. TimeraiserX itself is setup to be a great party. The event will feature live entertainment, adult beverages, event photography by Bruce Davis, catering by Christian Barque and more. Tickets are $35 and are available at the Cailuan Gallery.

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