Transition initiatives consist of a number of working groups, also called Action Groups, and a central Coordinating Committee. Groups of concerned community members form, as interest arises, to address issues such as food, health and well-being, education, economy, transportation, reproduction, security, governance, environment, buildings and housing, art and culture, biodiversity, waste, and so on. In addition to raising awareness and taking action to address their specific issue, each group works on the Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP.)

Action Groups that have formed or are being formed:

Active Transportation Action Group
Food Action Group
Tree Action Arbre Working Group
Inner Transition Group
Energy Group

All these groups welcome new members. If you would like to join any of them, please click on the group of interest for contact information. If you are interested in starting a new group addressing another specific concern, please contact us at TransitionCornwallArea[at]gmail[dot]com.

Coordinating Committee

Once Transition Cornwall+ has four or more active action groups, the Initiating Group will dissolve and be replaced by a Coordinating Committee made up of an elected representative of each of the action groups as well as up to five additional Transition Cornwall+ members who are deemed useful to have on the Coordinating Committee. These members-at-large of the Coordinating Committee will be elected at a general membership meeting.

Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP)

An EDAP is a plan that is created locally by community members in response to the reality of peak oil. Its vision covers not only energy, but all aspects of our lives that will be touched by the depletion of oil production.

The purpose of the EDAP is to provide ideas and inspiration, direction, and a vision for the future that will enable local government, decision makers, groups, and individuals to plan for a future without oil. It is an integrated, multidisciplinary plan for creating a future using creativity, resilience, sustainability, entrepreneurship, imagination, community spirit, and just plain fun, which results in a vibrant and viable community in a post-carbon era.

As part of the development of an EDAP, action groups of concerned community members organize around all aspects of life. Each group creates that part of the EDAP that pertains to their issue, trying to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing the carbon footprint. Each group will develop their own ways of working and their own activities, but all will be working towards creating the EDAP. By tapping into the collective genius of the community, we can create a blueprint for the future that is specific to the Cornwall area.


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