Gary Annable – South Dundas

If elected, would you make climate action a priority, and if so, how would you ensure that state-of-the art-energy reduction methods are included in the assessment of all municipal activities, spending and investments – both capital and on-going management?
  • Our twp has changed all street lighting to led. any new ventures i would encourage any cost savings through energy reduction methods.  our buildings are in are all reasonably current. i would encourage any changes that would save us money and our environment.
Do you think your main street/downtown is successful – why or why not?  If elected, what specific actions, changes and improvements would you make to ensure a healthy and successful downtown/main street?
  • Our main street in Winchester is quite active at the moment. Chesterville could use some help with their business area. businesses are now accessing our CIP program and hopefully that will grow.
If elected, how would you go about ensuring the replacement of tree cover lost in your municipality as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer?
  • I would like to see a tree planting program started. was done here in the village years ago and there was a good response.
If elected, what waste management initiatives would you support toward increasing waste diversion and what targets would you like to set for your municipality?
  • I think people are very aware now of the purpose of recycleing. we need to keep making new ways to get people to participate even more.  i would like to see more recycleing. Perhaps monies collected from sale of recycled materials reinvested back into a specific project that would benefit all.  

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