Energy Action Group

Energy Action Group

The objective for the energy action group will be to examine our lifestyles and habits to see where changes and improvements can be made in the area of energy usage at the individual level, as well as at the level of city planning.

Some changes are more easily made than others and those that are close to home might be a good place to ease into change. One thinks of all the small things such as turning off the power bar at night, hanging up clothes to dry, and consolidating errands instead of making multiple trips. The resulting transformation of both attitudes and action by individuals could create an evolution within the community. The desired outcome would be one of wholeness in which ‘we are all in this together.’

Community awareness of how everyone can contribute to the EDAP must be made through education as well as with the assistance of municipal support, so the whole can be stronger than its parts. It is anticipated that the energy working group will be seeking corroboration from city officials at all levels to create a sustainable energy plan for the community. Possible areas for examination could be:

  • Improved transportation, incentives for car pooling
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles with the use of pedestrian & bicycle paths
  • City design to create walkable communities
  • Food supply and distribution that is local

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