David Murphy – City of Cornwall

If elected, would you make climate action a priority, and if so, how would you ensure that state-of-the art-energy reduction methods are included in the assessment of all municipal activities, spending and investments – both capital and on-going management?
  • I would continue to support the trend of more energy efficient infrastructure in our capital investments. From energy efficient buses to LED street lighting, I believe Cornwall is a leader in this field. Especially, when it comes to similar sized municipalities.
Do you think your main streets/downtown are successful – why or why not?  If elected, what specific actions, changes and improvements would you make to ensure they are healthy and successful?
  • Cornwall’s main arteries continue to improve both in usability and visibility. As for our downtown (including Le Village), continued upgrades to pedestrian paths will be a priority but at the same time keeping in mind the wants and needs of vehicular traffic. We have a pretty good balance when it comes to walking, cycling and motor vehicles being able to reach their destinations.
If elected, how would you go about ensuring the replacement of tree cover lost in your municipality as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer?
  • The City has an allotted amount in each yearly budget to work to mitigate (as best we can) the EAB. Once we’ve reached the point of complete control of that issue, we can allocate some of those funds towards replenishing our stock of trees.

If elected, what waste management initiatives would you support toward increasing waste diversion and what targets would you like to set for your municipality?

  • Continued education on the benefits, both short term and long term towards recycling is a necessity. We continue to be a leader with our various waste disposal specific days throughout the year and we can improve by adding additional such days. I don’t believe we should venture towards ‘clear bags’ if for no other reason, we won’t have the capacity to enforce any indiscretions (whatever they may be) combined with privacy issues that may arise from having clear bags.

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