Contribute – How You Can Help

Contribute – How You Can Help

If you believe, like we do, that a sustainable future is possible, then please help us make it happen.


Make a statement of support for Transition Cornwall+ by promoting our initiative and events within your network, websites, and publications. Help us find other supporters and sponsors.


Most of our funding comes from the generous donations of people like you. No donation is too small and all donations will be used efficiently and wisely to help us meet our mission.

Funding we receive will go towards raising awareness in Cornwall and area of the coming challenges we are facing with peak oil, climate change, and economic uncertainties.

Donate goods, services, or funding support for printed media, venue rental, food for events, video production, art supplies, office supplies, banners, etc.

Donate funds for speaker events, film purchases and screenings, books for our lending library, training, display material, etc.

Partner with us

If your organization’s mission is similar to ours, we can work together! Post a link to our website, partner with us for events, let us have a presence at your events, etc., and we will do the same for your organization.


All supporters, sponsors, and partners will be listed on our Sponsors and Partners page, with their logo if available and a link.

Contact us

We are an all volunteer group, and are very grateful for your support! Please contact us at TransitionCornwallArea[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss how you can contribute to creating a stronger, more resilient community.

Thank You!

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