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Sarah Woods on imagination and “the crisis of what comes next”.

Essentially we have all these really big stories that we try to engage people with, but they’re distant from us perhaps in space and time. We’ve got more pressing things in our lives. It’s very hard to make that sort of stuff stick unless you can connect it to people’s lives and to where people are.

So, start from the individual, start from the personal, and look at what are our connections, as individuals and communities, to those bigger picture? Then as a group of people, how can we connect with it and actually take action? That works really well, because people do want to create change, but these things are so massive that they disable us continually, don’t they?

We’re at a turning point now, it feels to me, because lots of people are starting to talk about the story. People talking about story more is an indication that people are wanting to imaginatively engage more. We’re in unhelpful boxes that are dividing us from the possibility of the plurality of story and essentially from each other.

Read Sarah Woods on imagination and “the crisis of what comes next” at Rob Hopkins blog.



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The Creativity Crisis | Michael Moynihan | TEDxBowdoinCollege

Michael Moynihan, the Vice President of Marketing at LEGO Systems, Inc, revisits the creativity crisis and the state of American ingenuity in this TEDx Talk. He underscores the importance of creativity in this increasingly unstable world and suggests how we can all train ourselves in the art of creativity to prepare for the future.

Michael Moynihan is Vice President of Global Marketing Excellence and Partnerships for The LEGO Group, the world’s second largest toy company.

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New Years Resolutions for a Strong Citizen

taking-stockOur hope is that over the course of this year, we will practice living our values more fully, save money to invest in improving our neighborhood, make our home, garden, and neighborhood more resilient and antifragile. So far, Frugality Month is off to a good start. It’s hard—really hard—but when you see your savings rate soar you realize how quickly you could be saving for that business venture, home, or real estate project.

This is a bit of a departure from the typical Strong Towns terrain, but in our movement, getting the “right answer” or understanding the problem is only half the battle. If we are not able to change our own behaviors to respond to our predicament, if we only ask what hypothetical “other people” should be doing differently… we’re never going to get there. We need to develop a practical path to becoming stronger citizens, for our families, neighborhoods, and cities.

Read New Years Resolutions for a Strong Citizen by Seth Zeren at Strong Towns.

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Toronto’s Festival of House Culture

What’s house culture?

… House Culture simply means doing stuff together, face-to-face, and at each others’ homes; instead of alone, online, or in commercial venues. It can be normal activities like cooking, playing games, or listening to music; or less common things like a clothing swap, shadow puppet-making workshop, or meeting about how to lower our neighbourhood’s carbon footprint. The activities can be cultural in the artistic sense of the word – as in a comedy, dance, or theatre show – or just because they’re done together, as with a yoga class, singles night, or work party. crowd

House Culture is ultimately about bringing people together. Those of us who’ve experienced it have seen a magical feeling of connection between people that’s uncommon in this society. It’s the special wonder that arises when folks engage in an inclusive, openhearted activity, held together by the boundaries of a small, comfortable space.

Such shared experiences renew our faith in life, reminding us of what really matters. And this has the potential to transform how we relate to ourselves, each other, the arts, community, society, and our planet.

Read more about Toronto’s Third Annual Festival of House Culture by Michael Holt.

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Winter Play

snowfakesAs temperatures start to drop, so does our motivation to go outside and play. A greater effort is required to prepare children for outdoor play, but with a little planning and the proper clothing it can be well worth the extra effort. As our friends in Sweden say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

Read lots more about Winter Play at The Natural Learning Initiative.

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The Science Of Why Scarcity Makes Us More Creative

more creativeThe rise of mass consumption has driven worldwide economic growth for decades. But does it help our creative growth?

According to a new study, the answer is no. When we stop buying new things, we look at what we already have in new ways and come up with new uses for products we own. In other words, scarcity drives creativity. When we aren’t surrounded with ready-made solutions to problems, we have no trouble coming up with our own.

This finding may surprise precisely nobody working in any artistic field. This make-do-and-mend mentality is the way our grandparents—and in some cases parents—approached the world, ranging from jam-jars used as drinking glasses to cigar-box guitars.

Read The Science Of Why Scarcity Makes Us More Creative by Charlie Sorrel at at

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Seeing Beauty: A Necessary Skill for the Future

Garlic blossomOne only needs to watch the evening news or scroll the endless facebook feed to see what is wrong with the world today. At every opportunity we are given a choice on whether to see goodness or something which could leave us rendered with despair, heartbroken and down trodden. We wonder often why we bother, what difference do we make?

In this time it seems now that seeing the beauty in life is no longer an easy thing. Yet it is not just a throw-away new-age thought but a necessary skill to be cultivated now more than ever before. A skill which we must add to our tool box in order to evolve in consciousness, make connections and to make good with the earth and with each other.

It is an absolute truth that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It all comes down to perception and attitude yet goes deeper than that. Most of us all have the inner wisdom to feel what resonates as beautiful, good and sacred in this life. It is drawn up from the well of our souls and like finger prints, individual to us all and simply requires tapping back into. This is what keeps us dreaming and creating new ways of being. We need to want this more. We need to ache for beauty and it’s moving and inspiring qualities.

Read Seeing Beauty: A Necessary Skill for the Future by Eleanor Young at Permaculture News.

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