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Cornwall’s Annual Incredible Edible Plant Festival expands to Lamoureux Park!!

On Saturday May 25th, grab your gardening gloves and head down to Lamoureux Park between 10:30am – 2:00pm for the 7th Annual Incredible Edible Plant Festival. Hosted by Transition Cornwall + Food Action Group in partnership with the Edible Cities Project, this year’s festival will offer some exciting additions to the famous edible plant give-away.


>> Pick-up a free heirloom vegetable or fruit plant to take home (tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, spinach, chard, kale, and more!)
>> The Edible Cities Project – Cornwall, On to lead community planting of garden beds and boxes around the Lamoureux Park Bandshell
>> Expert gardeners to answer all of your gardening questions
>> Learn how to correctly plant your vegetable seedlings
>> Local food snack and cooking workshop
>> Seed and plant exchange
>> Hands-on children’s activities
>> Live music

Walk and Roll – On roule, ça marche Cornwall-SDG to our event with “Bike and Stroller Valet” courtesy of Active Transportation Group of Transition Cornwall+.

See our Facebook Event page HERE>>

VOLUNTEERS: We are still looking for help to make this event a success. Those able to volunteer should contact Carol at



Le samedi 25 mai prochain, venez participer aux activités de la 7e édition du Festival des incroyables plantes comestibles.
Cette activité communautaire aura lieu devant le Bandshell au Parc Lamoureux à Cornwall de 10h30 à 14h00.  Une fois de plus, des plants de légumes en pots vous seront offerts gratuitement. Vous aurez donc le plaisir de les apporter chez vous, d’en prendre soin et par la suite, de déguster des légumes que vous aurez produits vous-même.

Cet événement convient à tous les membres de la famille.  Apportez votre lunch.  Adonnez-vous  à des activités artisanales de tous genres.  Posez vos questions à nos maîtres-jardiniers.  Tout cela, gratuitement!  Vous pourrez même aider à planter le jardin communautaire autour le Bandshell avec l’équipe du “Edible Cities Project“.

Les activitées proposées:
>>Choix de plantes potagères offertes gratuitement: tomates cerises, haricots verts, bettes, poivrons et fines herbes (basilic, ciboulette, persil, aneth).  Relevez le défi de faire pousser quelques-uns de vos propres aliments.
>>Une table d’échange de semis.  Apportez les semis que vous avez en trop pour les échanger avec ceux d’autres horticulteurs amateurs.
>>Offre de conseils sur le jardinage par des maîtres-jardiniers
>>Préparation d’une carte des jardins communautaires autour le Bandshell au Parc Lamoureux avec l’équipe Edible Cities Project.

>>Pour les enfants: activitées d’artisanat, de dessin, de manger, et de jardinage.  Station de jouets, Giant Jenga, et mini-marché de semences.

Apportez votre lunch et passez la journée entière avec nous!

On roule, ça marche! Le groupe de transport actif de TC+ sera sur place avec leur “valet de vélo et poussette” – C’est comme un vestiaire, mais pour votre vélo.
Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de bénévoles pour cette activité.  Si cela vous intéresse, communiquez avec Carol par courrier à l’adresse

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10 ways to get the most from walking

From frequency and stride to what to do with your arms, here’s how to get the world’s easiest fitness fix.

There is so much fetishizing of exercise. What with the gadgets and gear and just-right outfits – the Lycra! The Lululemon! – at times fitness is more like maintaining membership at an exclusive club.

But the beautiful, gentle act of walking, that’s different.

Walking is not about gear or clothes or expertise; it’s easy, cheap, and exceedingly kind to the body. Walking for the sake of taking a walk is emotionally as well as physically pleasing; walking for the sake of getting somewhere is cheaper and easier on the planet than driving. And for whatever reason you find yourself walking, it’s a great form of exercise. Walking is a win-win-win-win.

With the CDC recommending 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week, walking is a wonderful way to fulfill the quota. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) has a good list of tips for maximizing a walking workout, from which I’ve expanded upon here.

Read 10 ways to get the most from walking by Melissa Breyer at Treehugger.

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10-Minute Neighborhoods: The Low-Tech Solution to Almost* Everything

Health. Energy. Climate. Crime. Education. Happiness. Water. Housing. What if it were possible to make headway on all these issues with simple changes to our neighborhoods?

What if we could cut our medical costs in half? What if we could give the average American an added five years of healthy life? What if we could cut our energy use, our water use, and our greenhouse gas emissions by more than half while improving our happiness and prosperity? What if we could provide affordable housing for millennials staggering under student loan debt? What if we could help elders age gracefully in a connected community, with their mobility and cognition intact? What if we could create communities where children can experience both safety and independence? What if we could cut in half the cost of essential services provided by cities and towns?

Read10-Minute Neighborhoods: The Low-Tech Solution to Almost* Everything by Karen Allen at Musings.

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Provincial Party Responses 2018

Make your vote count: find out where the parties stand. The next Government of Ontario will inherit a province facing many significant environmental challenges, from climate change and ongoing loss of biodiversity to a steady build up of toxics and pollutants in our air, water and land.  Strong actions will be required to address these problems and to position Ontario to benefit in a world rapidly moving toward a low-carbon future and embracing the need for more sustainable economic and social systems. We asked all parties to describe their vision for making Ontario an environmental leader and how they will enhance the quality of life of all of its residents.

We have invited all four parties to submit any additional policies or information as the election progresses, and we will note when new information has been added.

Read Party Responses 2018 at Green Prosperity.

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Transition Cornwall+ plans to get us more active and in the planting mood

The summer months almost here, Transition Cornwall+ made two different presentations to council on Monday about its plans for the warm weather this year.

The group’s biggest initiative will be the Walk and Roll campaign to get people to cut back on driving in favour of human-powered forms of transportation such as walking, cycling or skateboarding, or using public transit. This year’s campaign will expanded from being just week-long to running through the entire month of June.

The second annual initiative Cornwall Transition+ is working on is the Incredible Edible Plant Festival which will be returning in front of the Justice Building on Pitt Street on May 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This will be our sixth Incredible Edible event and we are very, very proud of that,” said Bill Carriere, event organizer.

Read Transition Cornwall+ plans to get us more active and in the planting mood by Alan S. Hale at the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder.

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Warmshowers connects tired cyclists with local hospitality


It’s kind of like couch-surfing, but only for people on bicycles.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal and a warm shower at the end of a long day in a bike saddle. For most bike travellers, these are rare luxuries, hard to find in a roadside campground. That is why an organization called Warmshowers was created. The online community connects weary cyclists with friendly hosts who know what it’s like to feel worn out and in need of a little comfort. The hosts are able to travel vicariously through their visitors’ experiences, bringing the world to their own doorstep.

Warmshowers has been around since 1993, so it’s not surprising it was covered on TreeHugger more than 10 years ago. At the time, Christine called it “couch-surfing for bicyclists,” and that remains an apt description. The organization has grown immensely since then, although some rules remain the same. Hosts cannot be paid for their hospitality, although it is understood that guests provide a thank you gift of some kind in return or, at the very least, pay the favor forward.

Read Warmshowers connects tired cyclists with local hospitality by Katherine Martinko at Treehugger.

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Walk and Roll Cornwall SDG

Last summer the Transition Cornwall+ Active Transportation Group set out to interview a couple of people who love to walk and roll in Cornwall and SDG.  Their goal was to learn more about where they walk and roll, what tips and tricks they have to share with others and why they love doing it!

With the help of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit communication team, they were able to capture it all on tape and produce two short videos.  The participants – Nancy and the Garcia Family – were great sports!

Walk and Roll Cornwall-SDG is an online space to help people who live, work and play in Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry to get around safely either on foot, by bike or by transit.


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