Brad Pinch – North Dundas

If elected, would you make climate action a priority, and if so, how would you ensure that state-of-the art-energy reduction methods are included in the assessment of all municipal activities, spending and investments – both capital and on-going management?
  • My platform is based on Sustainable growth and part of that is investing in technologies that help the municipality lower its carbon footprint. To that end, one step would be to have North Dundas invest in replacing all their current Zambonies with the new retrofit by Greins environmental. According to the Sonoma Green Business Program October 2012 report: “… it takes close to 3,000 gallons to resurface the ice every day. The ice is resurfaced 10 to 12 times a day and uses 200 to 275 gallons each time. In one North American season (212 days on average), that amounts to 636,000 gallons [2,407,520 liters] per ice surface” This represents a total use of fresh water of 7.6 Billion US Gallons or 29 billion Litres per year.Although most of the ice resurfacing equipment used runs on either a propane or natural gas tank, this is only used to run the engine which drives both the machine and the auger. For the machine to operate properly, there is a requirement that the water being store to go down on the ice surface is kept at about 100°F. This is achieved by using electrical coils run by plugging the machine in and keeping it plugged in, as long as necessary. Each ice resurfacing machine is plugged in for about 45 hours per week or 1600 hours per season.The EPA estimates that each Kwh of electricity puts 0.7 Kg of CO2 in the air. In one season each ice resurfacer generates 335 metric tonnes of C02 in the air or the equivalent to 71 Passenger cars, just with its electrical use. The Greins retrofit reuses the water and does not rely on electricity to heat the water to the needed 100 degrees. It can amount to a savings of 250 metric tonnes of C02 and more than 90% of the current water used per zamboni. This is only one of many ways we can use Canadian home-grown innovations to help us lower our carbon footprint. I will be looking for more as we look at the available technologies and find ways to incorporate them into the township.
Do you think your main street/downtown is successful – why or why not?  If elected, what specific actions, changes and improvements would you make to ensure a healthy and successful downtown/main street?
  • I think that we have a real issue with keeping businesses downtown because we do nothing to create traffic. Part of my platform is to create a small Rural public transportation system that will move people from one end of our town to the other. Studies in Canada’s rural communities have found that for every dollar spent rural transportation 4 dollars of economic activity is generated. It will also help seniors continue to be more independent and spend their money in town and help youth find local jobs.
If elected, how would you go about ensuring the replacement of tree cover lost in your municipality as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer?
  • We need to look to Denmark and the way they managed their same issues and the loss of the Dutch Elm to a hard to eradicate fungus. We can not replace the Ash trees by planting more evergreens but rather need to look at the current mix of deciduous forest cover and ensure we use the same mix of young hearty hardwood that has been lost.
If elected, what waste management initiatives would you support toward increasing waste diversion and what targets would you like to set for your municipality?
  • We need to reduce our waste by 35% and find new technologies to help remove our dependence on landfill sites. My platform (found at call for the start of a community composting program to start with. we also need to ensure that our community is really recycling by moving to a clear waste bag solution so it will be easy for waste personal to identify those who are throwing out articles that can be recycled. In Australia and New Zealand there are some promising waste management programs that use waste as a source of energy for the community by using a clean burn process so that might be worth looking at further.

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