A line in the sand: Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney

A line in the sand: Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney

Drawing on profound and challenging experiences gained when mentored and trained by a group of metis Native Americans, Mac uses story and powerful imagery to awaken and evoke our innate wild nature.

Speaking to a deeper, more ancient part of our tribal memory, he braids beauty, wildness, and the ‘heathen’ pulse of the human spirit into a single narrative. It is a call, a paean, a heart-song, to the many millions of us who still stand on the sidelines and passively watch as our planet is slowly, systematically, and meticulously tamed, caged, and broken. Clever, we undoubtedly are, but wise we are not. Not yet.

Mac will ask us some beguilingly simple questions and offer an invitation. An invitation which, if accepted, will take us into unknown territory, to the edge of our courage, and perhaps, one step closer to the world of our longing.


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