Permaculture As a Political Act

November 7, 2016 at 11:01 am Leave a comment

renewable-energyWhile many of us come to permaculture for a sense of independence, a way of becoming self-sufficient and responsible for our own destinies, by no means does that explain the gravity of what we are really doing, what in fact permaculture was intended to do. In a larger political context, we are replacing societal systems that have become toxic and damaging in favor of something—permaculture—that accepts only that which is positive and productive for everyone (and thing). Looking at the manner in which greater society produces food, builds homes, dispenses energy, and creates waste, permaculture puts us directly at odds with the politics, theories and proponents of most modern lives.

This is not just a trendy word or nifty means of designing we are embracing but rather an upheaval of what is, and there is nothing so political as change.

Read Permaculture As a Political Act by Jonathan Engels at Permaculture News.


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