How to Make a Difference

June 15, 2015 at 10:04 am Leave a comment

Image result for group thumbs upWorrying about the planet can feel overwhelming.

Yet the more we repress information — oceans full of whale-killing plastic, consumer products full of toxics, dying bees, extreme drought, etc. — the worse it feels.  Ignoring or holding back these feelings leads to despair, burnout, blaming, alienation and a sense of powerlessness.

Some people walk around feeling bad about their contribution to the problem, isolate themselves as a means of protection and then judge everyone else around them, assuming others just don’t care.

Sound familiar?

What’s needed is a focus on people and relationships. And a realization that we all sense that difficult things are happening in our world (some pay attention more than others) because we all live here together. Most people are doing their best and actually value the same things we do.

Read How to Make a Difference by Lindsay Coulter at the David Suzuki Foundation.


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