The Weissflog’s Zero Carbon Home

November 10, 2014 at 11:10 am Leave a comment

….governments and companies alike are scrambling to figure out how to reduce carbon output and develop strategies to adapt as the impacts of our fossil fuelled mess increase. We can’t wait for government and industry to save us though. As individuals we need to take action to lessen our carbon footprints as well, or if possible, eliminate it all together. Is it possible? EcoGen Photo

Chris Weissflog believes it is, and he is building a Zero carbon home to prove it.

Chris and Clare’s new home is based on the “hyper-efficient” Passive House techniques developed by German physicist and structural engineer Wolfgang Feist in the late 1980’s. The approach focuses on three areas: conservation, efficiency and the production of renewable energy. The house exceeds current building code standards for insulation, heat recovery and ensures an airtight seal throughout. It uses 1/5 the amount of energy used by a normal house in daily operation, and only costs 10% more to build.

More HERE>> By Vanessa Kanji, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

(Thanks to Transition Brockville for the link).



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