Keeping Your Cool in a World on Fire

October 29, 2014 at 10:19 am Leave a comment


We are daily barraged with news about the horrifying effects of climate chaos, and we are already witnessing the social and political instability that is likely to intensify as resources come in shorter supply.

It is depressing on a scale that is unique to our time. All over the world, there are waves of distress, anxiety, and depression, which are based on circumstance and not merely on brain chemistry gone awry.

What are more useful perspectives to get through the night here at the possible end of days? I have given this a lot of thought over the years and have had the conversation with many thousands of people in my work. Here are a few suggestions…

Don’t indulge dark visions of the future. No matter how it seems today, know that things can turn around faster than may seem possible from our current vantage point…

Be of service. Know that whatever is to be in the future (and, after all, longevity was never a guarantee for anyone at any time of history) it will feel good to be of service in whatever ways your gifts can be used and on any scale…

Remember that evolution is doing its thing. Most of the species that ever existed on earth are now extinct and yet here we are, hooked up and plugged in, dental flossing and watching our caloric intake, as we plan for a future that may not ultimately be in our hands…

Be in love with your life, as Jack Kerouac said. The more you love your own life, the more tenderness you will feel for all of life…

More HERE>> from Catherine Ingram, in The Economics of Happiness blog.

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