Top 10 Ways to Save Money through Sharing

Sharing stuff and services conserves resources and builds our ties with our neighbors—but it also saves money, sometimes a lot of money. The first step is to do an inventory and look at the ways you’re already sharing; I bet you’ll be surprised. Then ask yourself, what else can I share?

Read Top 10 Ways to Save Money through Sharing by Jeremy Adam Smith at Shareable.

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Is Recycling Worth It?

plasticRecycling the materials you use can save a lot of resources, but placing more emphasis on reducing and reusing consumed items will help pare down our waste streams even more effectively.

To cut back on most materials, adopt a BYOC mentality: Bring Your Own Containers, such as cloth sacks or glass jars, to grocery stores for transporting produce, bulk foods, and meats and cheeses from the deli counter. Take containers to restaurants for carting home leftovers. Purchase reusable drink canisters. Try your hand at making your own condiments, body care concoctions and cleaning products. Read on to find extra reduction tips for when you can’t cut consumption.

When you do recycle, keep in mind that some substances are more worthwhile to recycle than others, depending on the energy required to extract the raw material, and the environmental footprint the substance leaves behind. Following is a list of materials, information about the worth of recycling each one, and tips for how to follow the Three R’s in the right order: reduce, reuse, and, finally, recycle

Read Is Recycling Worth It? by Joanna Poncavage at Mother Earth News.

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Long Sault Farmers’ Market

Fridays June-October,  2 p.m. – 6p.m. In front of the Long Sault Plaza, South Stormont. Start your weekend off in style with local produce and locally made creations. Don’t miss this market!

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The biggest risk is keeping kids indoors

kidsEarly this year, a group of Canadian researchers published the first-ever Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play. This evidence-based document was created in response to the ongoing heated debate about the relative benefits and harms of active outdoor play. Its conclusion was supported by 95 percent of the stakeholders who were involved in the Position Statement’s writing:

“Access to active play in nature and outdoors—with its risks— is essential for healthy child development. We recommend increasing children’s opportunities for self-directed play outdoors in all settings—at home, at school, in child care, the community and nature.”

The Position Statement makes for an interesting (and validating) read for anyone who tends toward free-range parenting, and it should quell the fears of many hyper-parents by showing that many of their biggest fears are not backed up by data.

The Position Statement explains what really is risky for kids, which is, ironically, what many parents do with the intention of protecting their kids – keeping them inside.

Read The biggest risk is keeping kids indoors at Katherine Martinko at

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‘Hub’ concept planned for First on Second property

firstBourgon Construction is conducting a feasibility study to explore whether a business and community hub on the corner of Pitt and Second Streets can meet the needs of select businesses and organizations in the area.

Community hubs play a critical role in building economic and social cohesion in communities, as highlighted in the “Community Hubs in Ontario: A Strategic Framework & Action Plan” report recently released by the Ontario government.

A hub can anchor organizations together and its model is most attractive for small start-ups, professionals, charities, not-for-profit organizations and other community and service groups who have specific space needs but need to carefully manage costs.

Read ‘Hub’ concept planned for First on Second property in the Cornwall Seaway News.

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3rd Annual Fishing for Special Needs 2016

Saturday July 16, 10:00 – 2:00 Grey’s Creek Conservation Area This yearly event gives people with special needs the opportunity to go out and fish, thanks to some generous local anglers, people from Raisin River Conservation Authority, Gray’s Creek Marina, sponsors and our ever loving volunteers! BBQ, Prizes and much more! Register on site, the event will be “capped” at 20-30 special needs participants, so contact the number below to RSVP For more info call Art @ 613.932.4784

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Gathering aims to spark green energy projects in Indigenous communities

group-sessionPeople from Indigenous communities across Canada are in Wakefield, Que., this week to learn about ways to develop renewable energy projects in their territories.

They’re taking part in an initiative called the 20/20 Catalysts Program, developed by Lumos Clean Energy Advisors and the Aboriginal Human Resources Council.

“They’re learning from mentors — Indigenous leaders who’ve done clean energy projects from around the country, and experts who are in clean energy,” said Chris Henderson, president of Lumos.

“So they learn how to develop projects, do community consultation, how to employ people, how to finance projects.”

Read Gathering aims to spark green energy projects in Indigenous communities by Waubgeshig Rice at CBC News.

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