Food Storage Directory

This directory is filled with specific info about your favorite foods. You’ll learn how to store them, freeze them, and keep them at their best longer. You’ll also find helpful tips about safety and ways to revive food. As you read, please keep a few things in mind. First up, the time frames are only estimates (If you can’t use a food in that time frame, you can probably freeze it). Second, the best way to store food depends on how quickly you’ll use it. Finally, always trust your judgment. Knowing how long food lasts is an imperfect science, though we’ve pulled information from the best resources. Of course, buying less food more frequently is the best way to keep your food fresh and nutritious.

Read the Food Storage Directory at

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Project to Preserve Canada’s Night Skies Comes to Cornwall

Wednesday, December 7, 7:00 Schnitzels European Flavors, Pitt Street, The River Institute’s Science and Nature on Tap series hosts award winning Royal Astronomical Society of Canada physicist, Robert Dick. If you would like more information or to reserve a seat please call (613) 936-6620 or e-mail . More information can be obtained by visiting

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Main Streets matter: Shop local this holiday season

christmas-storeForget the Internet and the mall. Show support for innovative, independent local business owners instead. It’s a win-win situation for all.

If you have not yet finished your holiday shopping — or, like me, haven’t even started it — then I would like to suggest a challenge. This is what I’m planning to do, and it would be lovely if more people joined in.

Forget about Internet shopping. Put down your credit card and phone. Close the browser window that’s open to Amazon, eBay, and the like. Put on your boots and coat. Don’t go to the mall. Go, instead, for a walk. Head to the main street of your town or city, where glowing shop windows are decorated and lit up for the season.

Read Main Streets matter: Shop local this holiday season by Katheine Martinko at

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Uptake In Cycling Benefits Local Economies


It’s well established that increases in cycling modal share create a multiplier effect in population health improvements and reduced health care costs. Yet the economic effects don’t seem to be as well accepted, despite quinquennial study updates in places like Québec, published by MTQ and Vélo Québec.  It’s good to see other studies from other regions add to that evidence.  Here, BBC Research reports on Colorado, where cycling events and tourism add $1.6 billion annually to the state economy. That’s why Bike Friendly Business Areas and paved shoulders are so important in the larger economic picture.

Read Uptake In Cycling Benefits Local Economies by Alan Metcalfe at Brockville Active Mobility Matters.

Hat tip to Transition Brockville for this link!

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CP Holiday Train Stopping in Finch

Sunday, November 27, 2:45-3:15 Train tracks Finch, between Williams Street & George Street 18th edition of the CP Holiday Train ready to support communities and raise awareness. We are encouraging all event attendees to bring healthy, nutritious food items to the shows. For complete info.

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Toronto’s Festival of House Culture

What’s house culture?

… House Culture simply means doing stuff together, face-to-face, and at each others’ homes; instead of alone, online, or in commercial venues. It can be normal activities like cooking, playing games, or listening to music; or less common things like a clothing swap, shadow puppet-making workshop, or meeting about how to lower our neighbourhood’s carbon footprint. The activities can be cultural in the artistic sense of the word – as in a comedy, dance, or theatre show – or just because they’re done together, as with a yoga class, singles night, or work party. crowd

House Culture is ultimately about bringing people together. Those of us who’ve experienced it have seen a magical feeling of connection between people that’s uncommon in this society. It’s the special wonder that arises when folks engage in an inclusive, openhearted activity, held together by the boundaries of a small, comfortable space.

Such shared experiences renew our faith in life, reminding us of what really matters. And this has the potential to transform how we relate to ourselves, each other, the arts, community, society, and our planet.

Read more about Toronto’s Third Annual Festival of House Culture by Michael Holt.

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Why Electrification Matters Now

ElectrificationToday, we’re seeing a combination of government action and market forces that could help push clean energy out of the background and onto centre stage. This blog digs into some of those trends.

The basic recipe goes like this: cut energy waste as much as possible, and clean up your electricity supply so that it’s as low carbon as possible. Then use that clean electricity as your source of energy for activities that we largely power with fossil fuels today.

Instead of fuelling cars with gasoline, power them with clean electricity. Build super-efficient homes, and then use electric pumps to heat and cool them. Design cutting-edge industrial processes that run on renewable power.

Right now, officials from governments across Canada are hard at work compiling policy choices for a national climate plan. (In the weeks ahead, officials will give their lists of options to ministers, and the political deal-making will begin in earnest ahead of a First Ministers’ Meeting later this fall.) The analysis that’s underway includes buildings, transportation, and heavy industry—all sectors where electrification is an important part of the solution. They’re also assessing options in the electricity sector itself, where we’ll need to see more clean power come online as electrification creates new demand.

Read Why Electrification Matters Now by Clare Demerse at Clean Energy Canada.

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