Tree Care Workshop Correction/Update

Saturday, April 8 10-12, Boyer St. Behind Harvest Garden Store Cornwall Centre Road, This tree care workshop IS NOT OFFERING A SPAGHETTI LUNCH, bring a bag lunch if you plan to stay for the tree grafting info session in the afternoon.  Interested parties who wish to register can contact Elaine at 613-936-2240 or

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‘First in Canada’ supermarket donation plan aids food banks and tackles waste

Supermarkets in Quebec will now be able to donate their unsold produce, meat and baked goods to local food banks in a program – described as the first of its kind in Canada – that also aims to keep millions of kilograms of fresh food out of landfills.

The Supermarket Recovery Program launched in 2013 as a two-year pilot project. Developed by the Montreal-based food bank Moisson Montréal, the goal was to tackle the twin issues of rising food bank usage in the province and the staggering amount of edible food being regularly sent to landfills.

Provincial officials said the pilot – which last year saw 177 supermarkets donate more than 2.5m kg of food that would have otherwise been discarded – would now begin expanding across the province.

“Hats off to this brilliant initiative which – besides being good for the environment – offers a unique and lasting solution to the problems of waste and food precariousness,” said Lucie Charlebois, the province’s minister of public health.

Read ‘First in Canada’ supermarket donation plan aids food banks and tackles waste by Ashifa Kassam at The Guardian.

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Cornwall’s Seedy Saturday: Idea has grown

It’s an idea that goes back a couple of years, got nurtured and grew, and has now expanded to the Benson Centre.
It was “Seedy Saturday,’’ the third annual version, presented by Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group, and All Things Food.
The event brought together a variety of seed vendors, local food vendors, beginner and advanced gardening workshops, free children’s activities and locally made refreshments, all under one roof.
“It’s an excellent chance for gardeners of all levels to purchase seeds and meet other growers in the community,’’ said Kat Rendek, All Things Food Community Network Co-ordinator.

Bill Carriere, with Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group, agreed that the event was attracting a diverse crowd.“We’re seeing a real combination of people who came here (for Seedy Saturday) and people here for sports,’’ Carriere said. “It’s wonderful. We’re picking up a group of people who are not specifically coming for this.’’

Rendek and Carriere agreed that possibly over 1,000 people attended the event over the course of the day.

Read Cornwall’s Seedy Saturday: Idea has grown by Todd Hambleton at The Standard-Freeholder.

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Tree Care Workshop

Saturday, April 8 10-12, Boyer St. Behind Harvest Garden Store Cornwall Centre Road, lunch provided spaghetti $5.00 , Demonstrations on how to sharpen tools, which branches to prune out and how to dig out a small wild apple tree to use as a stalk.  Participants will have hands on practice. Grafting on plum trees workshop will take place after lunch. Check events page for details to follow.


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Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 principles of hope

If you’re out there trying to change your neighborhood, community, city, country, or the world then this is for you. In moments when everything seems hopeless, read this to get your hope on.

1. Hope can co-exist with other feelings. Grief and hope can co-exist. Fear and hope can co-exist. Disappointment and hope can co-exist. Sadness and hope can co-exist. As poet Yehuda Amichai writes, “A man doesn’t have time in his life to have time for everything. He doesn’t have seasons enough to have a season for every purpose. Ecclesiastes was wrong about that. A man needs to love and to hate at the same moment, to laugh and cry with the same eyes, with the same hands to throw stones and to gather them, to make love in war and war in love.”

Read Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 principles of hope by Abby Brockman at Medium.

Hat tip to Transition Brockville for the link!

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How to Share a Vegetable Garden

 Yard-sharing has many benefits, from access to fresh food to stronger neighborhood connections to environmental sustainability. But there are also potential pitfalls to sharing a garden, which you can avoid by discussing them early on with your neighbor.
Share Expectations
The first step is to discuss your expectations — this will prevent most potential conflicts or legal problems. You might start by talking through the following questions with your neighbor:
  • What will you grow? Who gets to eat the vegetables?
  • What should the garden look like and what will make it aesthetically pleasing?
  • During what hours may you come to work on the garden?
  • May you bring friends to work in the garden with you?
  • Who will care for the garden when you are away?

Read How to Share a Vegetable Garden by Janelle Orsi at Shareable.

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Sunday, March 26, 1:30 Cornwall Public Library 

The Food Action Group presents this timely and provocative video which examines how corporate globalization of food threatens the livelihoods of small farmers in the U.S. and in developing countries.We see how “free” trade is the route to mounting hunger worldwide despite an overabundance of food. Join us for a cup of homemade soup, public screening and a lively discussion around land and food: the big picture and the local implications. Admission and refreshments are free, however, donations are welcome. Donations will help to support future events by Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group.

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