Fall Rummage Sale Week

 Thursday, October 27, Knox St. Paul’s Church, Twelfth Street 10:00 – 12:00, Friday, October 28 10:00- 12:00 Trinity Anglican Church 105 Second Street W, Best bargains in town, clothes galore and wonderful treasures to be found at amazing prices!

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The ‘Good Anthropocene’: Grassroots Initiatives Worldwide Show Path Forward

Looking for a ray of sunshine amidst seemingly endless news of the warming planet, global biodiversity loss, or ongoing war?

You might want to head over to Seeds of a Good Anthropocene, a website developed by a team of international researchers to spotlight global initiatives or “seeds” from the grassroots that help pave the path towards a more just, sustainable world. Think the permaculture system developed from Australian researchers and designers Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, or The Leap Manifesto, a call to care “for the Earth and one another,” or the Ngäbe-Buglé Struggle to Protect Environmental Resources in Panama.

One of the researchers, Elena Bennett, an ecosystem ecologist and geographer at McGill University, explained last week at the New York Times that “Unlike previous scientific efforts to build scenarios for future change, which typically rely on structures organized from the top down, we’re building these global pathways from the bottom up, by crowdsourcing a rich data base of ‘bright spots,’ real places that demonstrate one or more elements of a positive future that might serve as seeds of a good Anthropocene.”

Read The ‘Good Anthropocene’: Grassroots Initiatives Worldwide Show Path Forward by Andrea Germanos at Common Dreams.

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There is 12 tonnes less of garbage in the St. Lawrence River

garbageThe clean-up effort spearheaded by the St. Lawrence River Institute along with its partners in the Upper St. Lawrence Protection Network announced on Friday, Sept. 16 that they had successfully pulled nearly 12 tonnes of garbage out of the river.

Friday was their last clean-up day, they held three others throughout the summer.

On Friday, there were still more than 100 people doing yet another sweep of the St. Lawrence.

The team on Friday included 40 CCVS students who where picking up garbage along the coast and two teams of divers pulling stuff up from the bottom.

Read There is 12 tonnes less of garbage in the St. Lawrence River by Nick Seebruch at The Cornwall Seaway News.

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United Nations World Food Day

Sunday, October 16, 1:00 – 3:30 Knox St. Paul’s United Church 800 Twelfth Street West ( off of McConnell) The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too. Food,  Globalization, Climate Change, Local Connections – talks and discussions. Soup and bread provided. Everyone welcome – FREE

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10 Really Good Reasons to Repair Stuff

blenderThings break. Everything we own, from air conditioners to zippers, eventually wear out or stops working. We can toss them and get new stuff — or we can try to repair them. The Fix-It Club offers ten really good reasons to repair or recycle household things that break:

  1. You can be a smarter consumer by knowing how things work and what to do if they don’t: appliances, heaters, air conditioners, mowers, plumbing, electronics, clocks, paint, flooring and more.
  2. You can save money by not having to replace things that you easily can repair. It might just need a fuse, a new electrical cord, or a screw tightened. You can do that!

Read 10 Really Good Reasons to Repair Stuff at Fix-it Club.

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Can agroecology feed the world and save the planet?

africaThe big question often asked is: can agroecological farming really feed the world, with the global population hurtling towards 9.6 billion by 2050? It’s clear that there’s increasing evidence it could.

A landmark 2001 study by Jules Pretty and Rachel Hine examined 208 projects from 52 countries and found yield increases of 50-100% for rain-fed crops like maize. The cases studied involved 9 million farmers on around 3% of all of the farmed land in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the increases were typically bigger at lower yields, indicating greater benefits for the poorest farmers.

Read Can agroecology feed the world and save the planet? by Henrietta Moore at The Guardian.


“The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.”

Sunday, October 16, 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Knox-St Paul’s United Church, 800 – 12th St West (off McConnell)

Join Transition Cornwall +Food Action Group, All Things Food SDG Community Food Network, and Knox – St. Paul’s United Church for a FREE day of discussion, learning, and food in celebration of United Nations World Food Day 2016.

In honour of World Food Day, we have invited special guest, Kate Green from USC Canada, to address this year’s theme “The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.” Key talking points will include food production, globalization, climate change, and the role of local versus global communities. For anyone curious about the local versus global food system issues and opportunities, this is a presentation and discussion not to miss!

Following Kate Green’s presentation, we will host “Frugal Food Preservation”, a hands-on educational activity to help attendees learn the basic for harvest food preservation. If you have ever wanted to learn to pickle, ferment or dehydrate, our experts will be on site to help guide and answer all of your questions. 

Soup, bread, and refreshments will be provided courtesy of Transition Cornwall +.

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Alternatives to the Growth Economy — Examples from the Real World

The growth economy is historically relatively recent, and is now consuming 1.5 Earths and growing. Compound interest is sucking the lifeblood out of the real economy, from households to countries. Mike Lewis, co-author of The Resilience Imperative, tells the story of the successful JAK cooperative Bank in Sweden, which is based on saving on behalf of others and uses only simple interest. It’s one example from the book which illuminates “alternate pathways to move from a growth imperative to a resilience imperative…


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